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Meenakshi Associates is a loan service provider as well as an advisor as a financial firm, which offer you all the required information to make the best possible choices to satisfy your financial goals. We provide the best deal among the number of offers to the client and make it happen as easy and as fast as possible. Also, provide the client with a full proof strategy to help you get out of liability while still living as usual life.


In the complete procedure, first, the client has to complete our application form, which includes the basic information of the client and the loan relating information. Then based upon the information provided by the customer, we perform a “soft research” of the credit file. The credit file includes the expecting loan amount, CIBIL Score, etc. We usually compare more than 100 options for lending and finally find out the best lender.


Whether you require money to expand your business or want to buy a new home or any personal purposes, or looking for a faster way to pay off the existing loan or to convert the existing higher to lower rate of interest, here in the Meenakshi Associates, we understand your requirements and work with you to find out the perfect loan to fit your needs. We provide clients with multiple innovative & value-added solutions towards activities like different types of loans such as home loan, personal loan, business loan etc. for different kinds of clients. The main goal of our organization is to support the customer every way possible for their personal goals. 


It is not about what a firm can offer, but it is about what you actually require at the moment. Meenakshi Associates is here for you & empower you to make each and every financial decision for your development.


Our quick and streamlined procedure helps you to establish your wishes. You can completely believe in our techniques. Our loan advisors are always there to lend our customers a patient ear, give a perfect solution, answer all the questions and solve the financial issues. We provide all the resources and solutions so that you can achieve your intense desires in this money market.


Successful loan sanction

The approval of a loan depends upon the criteria described by the bank or any financial firms. Once the essential documents are submitted, our loan experts verify the complete process and help to sanction at minimal time. If sanctioned, then it is disbursed within seven working days by the bank. 


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