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SME is the loans for small-medium enterprises. SME loans are extended to small and medium-sized enterprises. And also tailor-made to fit the requirements of SME’s. Whether you are interested to invest in factory infrastructure or maintain good cash flow, an SME loan through Meenakshi Associates would prove to be the smartest investment option for your business. 

How to Apply for an SME Loan?

Every government and private bank or NBFC have their own processes for the SME loan application procedure. But you have to apply for the SME loan online or by going to your bank branch, submit the required documents for the loan and post verification you get a loan.


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Benefits of SME

Any business at its starting stage needs a constant flow of cash for effective development. In addition to that, the loan amount available through on SME loan provider like Meenakshi Associates at any time, offering financial flexibility to businesses. One of the main reasons for an SME loan is to act as an extra working capital, which helps the business to expand by allowing the capability to take big order or buy better resources. 


Although there have been a lot of schemes and programs in different finance environments, there are numerous distinctive recurring approaches to SME loan finance.


  • The loan offered by traditional banks and finance organizations is usually made up of an amalgam of asset-based lending, factoring based finance, contribution-based finance and invoice discounting using reliable debtors or contracts.
  • Normally, information-based lending includes financial statement lending, credit scoring, along with relationship lending.
  • Viability based financing is associated with venture capital.
  • This SME loan is reliable for the entire small ticket loan
  • The type of the entity is not depending on the value of the business

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