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Showing Flexibility and Resolve

We will get the client the best deal and make it as easy as fast as possible. Provide you a full proof method to help you get out of liability while still living your life.

1. Planning & Strategy

First, complete our application form. Then we perform a “soft research” of your credit file which includes your expecting loan amount, credit file, CIBIL Score, etc. We compare 100+ options for lending and finally find out your best lender.

2. Client’s Satisfaction

For us, honesty is the best policy. We find out a lender who can deliver on its promises and not make any excuses.

The Process We Follow:

  1. Qualify 

Our process starts with a loan qualification application form. This short application form collects all the necessary information and allows us to match you with a Meenakshi Associates’ loan adviser.

  1. Assess

The loan adviser will guide you throughout the loan process for assessing the business plan and goals and establish all paperwork meets the standards so that your loan can be approved quickly.

  1. Complete

Throughout the process, we keep you informed, making adjustments along the way and finalize the loan & getting all the procedures in place so that you can achieve your goals.

The Reasons to Work Together

We Believe in the Best Quality

We have developed a quality service to fight against loan sharks. Just speak to our loan expert team to get all your financial solutions.

We Believe in Good Relation

We develop a friendly relationship with many lenders because we never know which lender can offer our client the best solution to their financial issue.

We Believe in Abilities

The distance between the dreams & the reality is only a minor mile of simple loan. And we believe that our quality service capable to reduce that distance.

Make the Right Decision Today and
Provide Shapes to All Your Visions.

Whether you need money to expand your business or buy a new home or any personal purposes, searching for a faster way to pay off the existing mortgage or to transform the existing higher to lower rate of interest, here we understand your needs and work with you to get the perfect loan to fit your requirements.

With what are the things that make us exclusive?

We offer clients with a number of innovative & value-added products towards activities like different types of loans for different kinds of clients. The major objective of our firm is to support you every way possible for your personal goals whose financing requirements and risk did not appeal to the existing commercial financial lending institutions.



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We Provide Solution to All Your Financial Issues

It is not about what an organization can provide, but it is about what you actually need at the moment. We are here for you & empower you to make each and every financial decision.

Our quick and streamlined processes help you to accomplish your wishes. You can completely rely on our strategy. Our experts are always there to lend our customers a patient ear, give a solution, answer all the queries and resolve the financial issues. We offer all the resources which help you to achieve your intense desires in this money market.